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  2. We are writing to tell you of an adventure that we have undertaken over the last year and is now ready to be told.
    We are a little company specialized in Italian Design and Decorative Arts of XX Century; we work with LiveAuctioneers organizing design auctions every month. We deal with Italian design and decorative arts of the 20th century, and we will continue to do also through a small shop at the Balon, home to the historic antiques market in Turin.

    But there is a theme that has enthralled us and that it will soon be told through a book, Understanding Gio Ponti and Mathematics Beauty of Things.
    Last summer we bought a room by Ponti (a trumeau, a table and six chairs) and we discovered with amazement what we consider to be his modus operandi, a scientific reading of his work that opened amazing doors on topics such as geometry sacred, the magic numbers, the golden proportion.

    How Gio Ponti was working?
    What was his philosophy?
    What is his message?
    Why so many things planned, from forks to the skyscrapers?
    An innovative way to answer all these questions, a clear and detailed explanation of the modus operandi of Bridges, a scientific method to measure and recognize his work.
    Yes, Gio Ponti had his own scheme. We tell you what it was and how to use it.